Army CadencesRunning Cadences

Wildcards in a Fire Fight

Created by: SSG Brian Resenbeck

In the cold pouring rain,
Shots rang out, I felt some pain

As I fell to the grass
Memories of my life did pass
All around me danger near
But, I’m a Wildcard with no fear

Have no time for the pain
Mission first, I must maintain
Came up shooting full auto
Come on Wildcards here we go!!!

Out of ammo, out of breath
All around me smells of death
As I stare at the ground
Enemies are all around

See the Wildcards standing tall
Mr. Death he did not call
As for those at my feet
Mr. Death will come to greet

Missions over, heading back
With my SAW and my ruck sack
Around the peninsula, I do roam
Back at Camp Stanley, Back at Home

We fight in the day and in the night
Fight for freedom, Fight for right
We’ll keep on fighting, till the fightings done
Because were the Wildcards and we’re “Second To None”

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