The True Military Brotherhood

D.I.)  Listen up people we’re gonna tell you the truth!

                 (Squad Repeats)

About the TRUE Military Brotherhood !

           You hear all of us putting each other down! 

As we run P.T. all over town! 

We all call the Coast Guard, PUDDLE PIRATES! 

But you do in front of any of us, and you’ll start a riot! 

We’ve called them LOW flying Air force! As the joke of the sky!

But they are our Guardian Angels as they fly high!

The Army is the GRUNT of all jokes!

But they’re truly GREEN & MEAN and that is no hoax! 

Newbie sailors are Navy Pukes, cause they blow their lids!

But I will be honest with you,  those boys are not kids!

There’s even one were we call them fag recon!

But when you’re in trouble, the Marines are who we rely on! 

So if you’re a civilian you better watch your mouth! 

We have 4 other brethren who will knock you out!!

By Raven Faolan 

July 4th 2020

One thought on “The True Military Brotherhood

  • Ssmythe

    If any cadence is going to be published
    The melody needs to accompany it…some don’t fit any known rhythm…Record it and post that as well so it can be used!!!


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