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The Surprise Jump

THE SURPRISE JUMP (Army Running Cadence)

Late last night, it was drizzling rain,
Lying in bed I was feeling no pain.
I heard a ringing in my head,
It was the telephone, so I jumped from my bed.
I tripped, stumbled, and said hello,
My first sergeant said it was time to go.
I got to the company, hungry as could be,
The platoon sergeant gave me an “MRE”.
Chute on my back, destination unknown,

C-130 it began to groan.
Jumpmaster said now don’t you know,
Stand up trooper, it’s time to go.
Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door,
Jump right out and count to four.
As I floated to the ground,
I began to look around.
Lights were shining up at me,
Where, oh, where could I be?
Jumpmaster, he had missed his spot,
This LZ was mighty hot.
Shake, fries and a “Big Mac” to go,
We landed at McDonalds, don’t cha know

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