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Suzie Said to Me

Marine Corps Running Cadence

Suzie said to me one day long ago,
Honey please don’t join the Corps.
They like to do nothing but fuss and fight,
They look at women like they’re high and tight.
They got poor table manners and they are so crude,
They got a board’s sense of humor and they are so rude.
I said Suzie let me tell you what I’ll do,
I’ll join the Corps just for a year or two.
So I packed my trash and I headed for the plane,
I went to the place where they made Marines.

Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
Parris Island was the name of the place,
The first thing I saw was a Drill Instructors face.

Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah
He had razor creases and a Smoky Bear,
Mountain climbing privates everywhere
Suzie said it’s me or the Corps,
I cant take this life anymore.
I looked at her with a big ol grin,
I haven’t seen Suzie since I don’t know when.

Oh Yeah
Take it
I got it

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