Air Force CadencesRunning Cadences

Surfer Dude

Air Force Running Cadence

I used to be a Surfer Dude
I used to ride some gnarly tubes
Riding waves every day
Now they took my board away

Whoa Hoa bogus deal
Hey FTO like get for real
Whoa Hoa to the max
Please don’t take my surfboard wax

Whoa Hoa is this for me
Maybe surf life’s history
Whoa Hoa I don’t know
Should I stay or should I go

Whoa Hoa mega change
This feeling now is really strange
Whoa Hoa gnarly time
Air Force life is on my mind

In two years camp will be a blur
And I ’11 be an Air Force Officer
I’11 miss the ocean and the sand
But I’11 be an American Fighting Man

Whoa Hoa I’m glad I came
My life will never be the same
Honor, pride, dignity
Now they mean much more to me

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