Police / Fire Cadences

Police/ Fire

A six gun a tin star a horse named Blue.
In 1890 a cop held these true.
In 1930 the tommy gun.
It made police work a lot more fun.
A big block Dodge Pursuit.
In sixty six it came out of the chute.
We got night vision on our M16’s.
Theses are the tools to keep us alive.
In 20 years, who knows what it will be.
Phaser guns mounted on my HumVee.
From a horse named Blue to a big HumVee
We’ll still PT in the Academy!
(Last line yelled)


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One thought on “Police / Fire Cadences

  • Officer J. Dunn

    Wrote this Cadence for Correctional Officer Academy
    (To the old Army “Hard Work” cadence tune just adapted for corrections)

    Come on now, a sing it with me (HARD WORK)
    Sing it loud while we PT (HARD WORK)
    Can’t hear ya. A sing it some more (HARD WORK)
    A little louder now. A little more (HARD WORK)
    1-2, 3, 4 (HARD WORK)
    Tell me now who ya workin for (HARD WORK)
    Listen up ’cause I’m takin’ to you (HARD WORK)
    Tell you now exactly what I do (HARD WORK)
    Get up bout a quarter to three (HARD WORK)
    To go earn another day’s pay (HARD WORK)
    Put my boots on and lace em up (HARD WORK)
    For another hard day’s work (HARD WORK)
    Uniform on but wait one more, kiss the wife and kids and I head for the door (HARD WORK)
    Hit the gate, up on the rock (HARD WORK)
    B’fore the sun’s up I hit the clock (HARD WORK)
    You gotta watch the boys in blue (HARD WORK)
    ‘Cause the boys in blue is watchin’ you (HARD WORK)
    Gotta be ready for anything (HARD WORK)
    That’s the reason why we PT (HARD WORK)
    We out here a runnin’ around (HARD WORK)
    Gettin hardcore to work that pound (HARD WORK)
    Count em feed em and count em some more (HARD WORK)
    A watchin inmates is always a chore (HARD WORK)
    Get in shape so I’m ready to fight (HARD WORK)
    I’m ready anytime day or night (HARD WORK)
    Don’tcha worry bout that inmate, Jack (HARD WORK)
    I wear brown son I got yo back (HARD WORK)
    Hard work, that’s what they say (HARD WORK)
    Well I gotta do it everyday (HARD WORK)
    Seem’s the only way to make ends meet (HARD WORK)
    Is spendin 30 years up on my feet (HARD WORK)
    I’m sunburnt and my back is tired (HARD WORK)
    But I stand tall and I stand proud (HARD WORK)
    To do this hard work every day (HARD WORK)
    Everyday just to earn my pay (HARD WORK)
    Hard work, that’s what we do (HARD WORK)
    You watch me and I’ll watch you (HARD WORK)
    Them prison days, they’re always long (HARD WORK)
    That’s why I’m a singin this song (HARD WORK)

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