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My Korean Tour

Army Marching Cadence

CHORUS (Repeat between verses)
Am I right or wrong?
Am I right or wrong?
Ain’t this short tour long?
Ain’t this short tour long?
Wind and snow is all I get,
I will win this country yet.

Kimchi that and kimchi this—
I can’t tell you what I miss.

Seoul is a city like the one back home,
Smog and traffic wherever I roam.

The countryside is best I guess—
The rice is plenty, but my stomach’s a mess.

We march all day ‘til the curfew comes,
Then it’s time to oil our guns.

Take a shower in water that’s cold,
Clean our boots from the monsoon mold.

Stateside, stateside, where are you?
Will the world be there when we get through?

Mid tour home is all too quick,
Spent one week at Osan sick.

Red Cloud, Yongsan, Hovey, too,
Don’t forget Page and big Taegu.

The roads are curved, buses are fast,
But we don’t care just as long as we last.

We’ll fight those commies at the DZ line,
Blow their tanks with a hidden mine.

Our choppers can see them from miles away,
Those guys at “Reach” will then relay.

If their tunnels let ‘em move too fast,
We’ll patrol our border to the very last.

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