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My Girl is a Pretty Girl

Marching Jody

My girl’s a pretty girl,
She is a city girl.
CHORUS [Repeat between verses]

But I’ll buy her anything,
To keep her in style.

She has a head of hair,
Just like a grizzly bear.

She has a pair of eyes,
Just like two custard pies.

She has a long, long nose,
Just like a garden hose.

She has a pair of lips,
Just like potato chips.

She has a pointed chin,
Just like a safety pin.

She has a pair of thighs,
Just like railroad ties.

She has a pair of hips,
Just like two battleships.

She has a pair of knees,
Just like the summer breeze.

She has a pair of feet,
Just like a parakeet.

2 thoughts on “My Girl is a Pretty Girl

  • James Gregory

    The version we sang in 1975 chorus had a line after “To keep her in style.” that stated “That’s where my money goes” with the word goes drawn out to match the beat. The line “She has a pair of thighs,” was sung last and the 2nd verse to it was “That’s where her beauty lies”. We didn’t do the knees but did legs instead. “She has a pair of legs, Just like two beer kegs. ” and finally we did the “She has a pair of feet,”
    with the 2nd verse “Just like the seventh fleet”

  • George Carrasco

    Just ducked out of the rain into an HEB (supermarket). I faintly heard another vet (RANGER cap) humming this tune and it all came back… 😁


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