Marine CadencesRunning Cadences

Marine Corps 1 mile, 2 mile…..

Marine Corps Running Cadence

Navy, Navy, I’m in doubt
Why your belly’s are sticking out
Is it whiskey or is it wine?
Or is it lack of PT time?
Join up
Roll with us
1 mile
no good
2 miles
no good
3 miles
getting better
4 miles
breaking sweat
5 miles
breathing harder
6 miles
girl scouts
7 miles
boy scouts
8 miles
now we’re talking
9 miles
almost there
10 miles
Marine Corps!
Ooh Rah!
Oh Yea!
Lo Right a Leaft
Left Right Right your Lefty Right your Left.
Left Right your Left
Lefty Right your Left
Left Right your Leaft.
Lefty Righty Lo

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