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I’ve got the Drive

Running Jodie

Here I am before the sun
Going on a ___ mile run

Stretchin’, yawnin’, comin’ alive
I can do it, I got the drive

Starting out slow keeping the pace
Morning breeze is blowing in my face

Passing others watching me
Wonder what it is they see

Do they see my grief and pain
They must think I’m insane

Or do they see my will and pride
Ain’t t no doubt I got the drive

Breath deep, sound off, let em know
We’re on the move and rarin’ to go

CTA smiling as we pass by
We’re gonna show him we got the drive

Picking up the pace and heading out
For blocks around you can hear us shout

Come run with us if you ‘ d like to try
One things for sure we got the drive

If you want to keep pace with me
There ‘ s one thing you’ve got to see

Drive ‘s important and will is too
Makes me best at what I do

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