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Air Force Marching Cadence

Irene’s her name
She’s one of the best.
So every night
I give her the test.

She looks so pretty.
So sleek, so slim.
The moon is bright
the lights are dim.

I’ve seen her stripped.
I’ve seen her bare,
I’ve felt her over everywhere.
I handled her just as gentle as I could.

And when I got up in her
I knew she was good.
I rolled her over on her side
Then on her back I also tried.

She’s just one big thrill
the best in the land.
She’s an F-16
in the Air Combat Command.

2 thoughts on “Irene

  • Mike Litorous

    This is too dirty

  • Regardless of how many versions exist…this is the one I first heard in 1983, at of all places, The World Scout Jamboree in Cananaskis County, Calgary, Alberta…performed by some Boy Scouts of America…
    It even sits on the cadence smoother…sound off…

    Her name’s Irene and she’s the best!
    Last night I put her to the test!
    I saw her stripped, I saw her bare!
    I felt her body everywhere!
    I warmed her up as quick as I could!
    When we got going it felt real good!
    I turned her over on her side!
    And on her back I even tried!
    Her name’s Irene and she is grand!
    She’s a P38 in the fighter command!

    Am I right or wrong? (You’re right!)
    Am I weak or strong (You’re strong!)

    Sound off (1-2!)
    Break it on down (3-4!)
    1-2-3-4, 1-2 (3-4!)


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