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Hey Sergeant — Get off of me

Army Running Cadence

Created by: SPC Todd Wilson

When that left foot hit’s the ground,
All I wanna hear is that “Uh” sound,
Hey Sergeant, Get off of me,
Hey Sergeant, Gimme that MRE,
That RucSack, That’s on your back,
It makes you wanna have a heart attack,
The Hennesey, It’s just for me,
That EverClear, Pass it over here,
That E and J, I drink it everyday,
Puerto Rican Rum, Won’t just give me some,
That Jack and Coke, It makes you choke,
And those Black and Milds, I love to smoke,
Hey LT, Hey Captain, Hey BC,
Get off of me,
Hey suad leader, hey 1SG, hey Sergeants Major,
Get off of me!

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