Navy CadencesRunning Cadences

Fight For your Right – Beastie Boys


(Navy Running cadence to the beat of the Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Rights”)


You wake up late for PT and you don’t want to go!

You ask your Chief “please” but he still says “NO”

You missed some stretches but no big sweat

But the instructors run PT like there some kinda vet


The Chief caught me smoking and he said “NO WAY”

Aw man all the SEALS smoke 3 packs a day

Man living on the ship is such a drag

My rackmate just stole my best porno mag


Don’t march out of that hatch if that’s the whites you’re going to wear

I’ll throw you into the drink if you don’t cut that hair

The XO busts in and says “WHATS THAT NOISE?”

Aw sir you’re just jealous were the BEASTIE BOYS!

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