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F-15 Eagle

Air Force Running Cadence

F-15 rolling down the strip
Eagle driver gonna take a little trip
Rev it up, taxi up, count to four
Push the throttle forward, hear the engines roar

Thirty thousand feet up in the sky
Flying this baby is a natural high

Took a look at six O’clock and what did I see
A MIG-29 was coming after me

Pulled it up, rolled it out much to his surprise
Shoulda seen the look in that turkey’s eyes
Got behind him set my sights, let my missile fly
Blew that 29 right out of the sky

When you see an Eagle driver he will say
Flyin’ and Fightin’ is the Air Force way”

F-111 all loaded with bombs
It flies at night, down near the ground
One pass is usually what it takes
Now the missions done, so it’s back to base

Wild Weasel aircraft on the prowl
Spots a SAM, so they take it down
Fires a strike and he pulls away
Kills the SAM, and it’s dead to stay

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