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Down By the River

I had the pleasure of marching to this cadence with my Navy platoon down by the Severn River in the hot summer of 1996. We marched over to hospital point, spent the afternoon getting poked, prodded and jabbed by the military doctors and then marched back, over the bridge and back to our barrics. My faviorate line of this cadence is “we had a little talk” A great line to use when ever someone needs a bit of correction. You can always say “Hey, we need to go on a little walk and have a little talk”

Down by the River Marching Cadence

Down By the River (Marching Jody)

Down by the river,
We went for a walk.
And we met those ____________
And we had a talk.

Those Georgia peaches
Are mighty sweet,
But the mighty (your group)
Are hard to beat.

Gonna hit ‘em in the head,
Gonna stomp ‘em on the toe,
Gonna win this (game, war, etc.)
And away we go,

And away we go.
Yiedy, yiedy, yiedy, yiedy,
Yibbity, yibbity, yibbity yay,
And away we go.

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