Army CadencesRunning Cadences

Chairborn Ranger

Army Running Cadence

It’s one thirty now on the strip,
Chairborne daddy gonna take a little trip.
Stand up, lock up, shuffle to the door,
The club for lunch and home by four.
If there’s something to decide,
Close your door and try to hide.
Every time you get a call,
You’re out playing racquetball.
First revise the SOP,
Make a change in policy.
Ours is not to wonder why,
It’s written down in the LOI.
God forbid we go to war,
All that paperwork would be a bore.
Let me stay behind my desk,
Anything’s better than the leaning rest.
Chairborne Ranger, that’s what I am,
One of a kind, I’m an AG man.

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