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C-130 — 82 Airborne Version

Army Running Cadence

Created by: Spc Eric Bragg

C-130 flyin over Division
64 troopers fighting terrorism
Stand up, Hook up, Shuffle to the door
Jump on out and count to four
Look to my left and what do I see
A no good dirty L.E.G.
If my main don’t open wide
I got a reserve by my side
If that one should fail me too
Look out Rigger I’m coming for you
Pin my wings on my sons chest
And put that cherry in the leaning rest

2 thoughts on “C-130 — 82 Airborne Version

  • Davey boy

    C-130 goin down the strip——aIrborne daddy on a one way trip—-stand up,hookup shuffle to the door—-jump right out and count to four—-if my main don’t open wide—-I’m gonna splatter on the countryside——-here we go, gotta jump—-airborne airborne. Just another version. This is from Jump School in 67.

  • Robert Lane

    C-130 rolling down the strip…82nd Airborne on a one way trip…Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door… When the green light flashes we will go to WAR…Out of the bird our chutes open wide…That is when our enemies run in fright…PLF, cut our chutes, we are on our way…To bring DEATH FROM ABOVE to you this day….ALL AMERICAN paratroopers, we are here prove…We stand for liberty and the red, white, and blue…ALL THE WAY…AIRBORNE

    Early 1990s C-130 82nd


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