Blue Screen of Death

Marching Jody
Created by: SPC Miller

I hear the Hard drive buzzing
it’s spinning round and round
The screen is looking fuzzy
This systems going down

Blue Screeeeeeeeeen
Of Deeeeeath

The error message flashes
its blinking really bright
Can’t figure out what’s going on
I know this isn’t right

Blue Screeeeeeeeen
of Deeeeeeeath

Norton dectects a virus
my heart is filled with dread
Its says it can delete it
the machine shuts down instead

Blue Screeeeeeeeen
of Deeeeeeeath

Not enough memory?
What the heck is that?
I’m going to the closet
To get my baseball bat

Blue Screeeeeeeen
of Deeeeeeeath

I smash and crush the tower
I smash it all to bits
I’m going to get a Macintosh
So I’ve no more raging fits

Blue Screeeeeeeen
of Deeeeeeeeeath

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