Marine CadencesRunning Cadences

Baby Brigade

Marine Corps Running Cadence

One day I came out my momma’s womb
I found myself in a delivery room.
All bloody and wet I rappeled to the floor
I cut the cord and shout, “MARINE CORPS”.

I knew right then I was a baby Marine
The meanest little cuss you ever had seen.
Two saftey pins on my shoulders for rank
A Humvee stroller and a tricycle tank.

I had camoflage diapers and flak baby shoes
A butternut sword and baby Dress Blues.
So, I donned my Blues and I cruised through the ward
Saluting all the nurses with my butternut sword.

Then I heard all these babies crying like heck
I kicked in the hatch and yelled, “ATTENTION ON DECK”
I said, “Listen up babies, I’m in command
Crying and wimpering I will not stand”

They said, “Aye Aye, Sir” and I knew I had it made
As Commander-in-Chief of the Baby Brigade.

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