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Am I Right or Wrong?

Marching Jody

Am I right or wrong?
Air I going strong?
Sound of ( 1 – 2), sound of (3 – 4)
Break it on down (1—2—3—4) (1—2 ——3—4)

Jody this and Jody that,
Jody is a real cool cat.

Ain’t no use in calling home,
Jody’s on your telephone.

Ain’t no use in going home.
Jody’s got your girl and gone.

Ain’t no use in feeling blue,
Jody’s got your sister too.

Ain’t now use in looking back,
Jody’s got your Cadillac.

If old Jody is six feet tall,
I won’t mess with him at all.

Might as well hide that frown,
Jody’s beat you hands down.

Hody, Jody, six feet four,
Jody’s never been whipped before.

I’m gonna take a three-day pass,
Can’t wait to get Jody in my grasp.

Jody is the one who’s mad—
Basic training ain’t that bad!

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