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Air Force Marching Cadence

F-15 rolling down the strip
Air Force pilots going to take a little trip
Heads up, real alert, looking all around
Now he spots a MIG, so he shoots it down


Low righty left, left righty left, low righty left
Your left your right, your left
F-16 flying in the air
Got a MIG on his tail, but he don’t care
Light the burner, pull the stick, turn it right around
Now the tables turned and he shoots the commie down

A-10 aircraft on the hunt
Now he spots a tank, so be blows it up
If that tank just won’t die
There’s another A-10 right by his side

F-111 all loaded with bombs
It flies at night, down near the ground
One pass is usually what it takes
Now the missions done, so it’s back to base

Wild Weasel aircraft on the prowl
Spots a SAM, so they take it down
Fires a strike and he pulls away
Kills the SAM, and it’s dead to stay

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