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A Girl Cadet

Air Force / Civil Air Patrol Marching Cadence

Oh, when a girl cadet walks down the street
She looks a hundred par from head to feet

She has a smile, a while, a winning way
And just to look at her, you’ll recognize her & you’ll say

Now there’s a girl I’d like to know
She has a cadence, spirit, pep and go

And just to look at her is quite a treat, it’s hard to beat
A girl from the Civil Air Patrol

One thought on “A Girl Cadet

  • Ramona (Boehlke) Myers

    I was delighted to find the words to this song! I remembered most of it but was missing a couple of lines. I was in Civil Air Patrol in the 50’s (!) and we marched to it all the time. Those were some of the best times of my life!


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