Air Force CadencesMarching Cadences

Let Them Blow

Air Force Marching Cadence

My recruiter said to me
Boy, whatcha want to be?
I want a team that’s tried and true
I want to wear the Air Force blue
So let em blow, let em blow
Let the four winds blow
From the east to the west
Air Force is the best
The air was cold, the ground was wet
They put us on a silver jet
And when the jet hit the ground
Air Force was all around
And then we fought with all our might
We fought for all we thought was right
Mother, country, family
We fought for our democracy
And in the middle of the fight
I looked over to my right
And there laying on the ground
My buddy fell without a sound
When all is said and all is done
Air Force is number one
And then the general bowed his head
For all the wounded and the dead

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