Army CadencesRanger

I just Don’t Know

Army Running Cadence

I don’t know but I think I might
Jump from an airplane while in flight

Soldier, soldier, have you heard
I’m gonna jump from a big iron bird

Up in the morning in the drizzlin’ rain
Packed my chute and boarded the plane

C-130 rollin’ down the strip
64 Rangers on a one-way trip

Mission Top Secret, destination unknown
They don’t know if their ever coming home

When my plane gets up so high
Airborne troopers gonna dance in the sky

Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four

If my main don’t open wide
I got a reserve by my side

If that one should fail me too
Look out ground, I’m a-coming through

If I die on the old drop zone
Box me up and ship me home

Bury speakers all around my head
So I can rock with the Grateful Dead

Bury speakers all around my toes
So I can rock with Axel Rose

If I die on a Chinese hill
Take my watch or the commies will

If I die in the Korean mud
Bury me with a case of Bud

Put my wings upon my chest
And tell my Mom I did my best

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